Sunday, November 29, 2020

"I'll Just Die If I Don't Get This Recipe" Painting By Rhiannon Yandell

Rockford, Illinois, is a great arts community. I've been proud to be part of it for 35 years now. Recently a "new artist" came to my attention. Her name is Rhiannon Yandell. The piece I'm posting here was from a show titled PROPAGANDA at the 317 Art Collective, and because of the subject matter is a departure from her signature style at Linear Chaos, which she describes as "Linear Chaos is abstract artwork using layers of line and color as an expression of the seemingly opposing ideas of structure and chaos coming together in life as well as on the canvas." If I didn't love this piece so much it would almost seem unfair to post it here as indicative of her style. I'll also post a few of her abstract pieces so you can get a true idea of her talent. 

"I'll Just Die If I Don't Get This Recipe" by Rhiannon Yandell. The title is a reference to the movie The Stepford Wives, and also a call back to 1950's propaganda that encouraged women to eat more sugar in order to control their weight. 

                  "I'll Just Die If I Don't Get This Recipe" by Rhiannon Yandell

I'd really like to encourage you to check out her abstract pieces at Linear Chaos because they are quite superb, and perfect for complimenting your design palette no matter the motif. She's also an artist I admire very much and hope to be able to collaborate with combining her visual sensibilities with some written word. 

                                                      "PSL Sucks" by Rhiannon Yandell

                                                   "Astral Prison" by Rhiannon Yandell

From a design perspective her work really just adds so much to a room. And her themes are so diverse and employ so many different color schemes that you're sure to find something perfect for whatever mood and theme you're trying to convey. So, please check out her website. And support your local artists. 


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