Saturday, June 15, 2019

Three Poems By Robin Ray

Robin Ray, formerly from Trinidad & Tobago, resides in Port Townsend, WA. If being a gay, mixed race immigrant wasn't enough, he also discovered he was saddled with autism, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. A self-taught musician, novelist, screenwriter and poet, his works have appeared at Neologism Poetry Journal, Red Fez, Aphelion, Scarlet Leaf Review, Flash Fiction World, Spark, and elsewhere.

Sax and Violence

and for once
the heartbeat of a sax
is conceptualism
bebop’s golden reach
blue notes dangling
like chrysalis in the air
i feel my muscles hypertrophy

they call abstraction a sin
who’s who?
invest time in an invention
that subverts gravity
pulverizes matter
boxes its ear
sends it whimpering back
through the pines
could be time well spent

careful with those
acciaccaturas, bird
might behead somebody someday
maybe even me.

Tesla Had a Twin

the words between words are words
am   was is   rejoice!
one minus x = nightmare city
toss the ring   skirt the boss
ring the bones   nothing’s lost
cassiopeia bondaged again
500 tons of cocaine in her cleavage
wickedness blinds the deaf

the words between words are warring
troop stamp tramp sloop stomp
mace spear knave sword slave
he who breathes life into horror
drinks pain
electricity grinds its axe again
one plus x = sweet retirement
ante up
it’s all over.

Chloë is All Grown Up

she belongs to the nice
the 5th wave of opportune
the mystic ambrosia
accidentally cut bleeds ambivalence
naturally tanned
drunk off laughter
gracile in her touch
gloomy in ignominy
the opposite of love is transparency
bidding war / lottery / slot tournament
prize: her hand
results: no winner
perhaps just the bridge from which
her lonely heart was flung.


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