Sunday, April 14, 2019

Twelve Poems About Donald J. trump

These are the 12 Donald trump poems I wrote for the Paper Fingers event at 317 Art Collective on March 30, 2019. The event introduced the public to mechanical typewriters of all eras, and allowed them to use the machines. On the second night 11 writers were given the writing prompt by host David Pedersen "There is no such thing as free rent," and began typing. Zombie Logic Press collected those pages, along with pages typed by the general public, and combined it with the artwork of local artists, and compiled a literary zine that was available two weeks later. We sold every one of those copies last night at Art Scene. It was a great experience. I thank everyone who participated. These are the pages Jesus Correa created with my twelve poems about Donald J. trump. He used Dracula because, as he said, he couldn't bear to see an image of trump. Zombie Logic Press on Facebook