Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Making of The Koa Tree By Stephen Schreiner

There are many exhilerating aspects of publishing. The initial rush of finding a project you believe in enough to go through the rigors of the publishing process, assembling a team you love working with, and finally opening that box of new books when they land on your porch to find they are exactly as expected.

What happens after that generally isn't as much fun. Sure, there's a book release party, and maybe you get your name in the paper and make a few dollars, but then you've still got most of that box of books and the real work begins.

Selling books is hard. Sometimes even harder than making them (but not in this case).

We just made a wonderful book. The Koa Tree. Stephen, Anna, Ava, Jenny, Jeremy, Steve, Carmen , and Thomas. But now the book is done, and I'm the one who has to sell it. And that's a heady responsibility, because I feel like I'm letting the team down if I don't get them all the credit they deserve.

Let me tell you why I think this book is so special and worthy of your attention.

We started with a wonderful story about a tribe of Pacific Islanders enamored with the quest of building a ship worthy enough of reaching Tahiti out of their sacred Koa Tree, and the lesson they learned about prizing your own environment. The illustrations by Renee Noelle Jacobs are lavish and vibrant, and a perfect compliment to the story. 

All of that I realize is not entirely out of the ordinary. Thousands of children's books are released every year. Here's where the Koa Tree became a special project. 

Stephen wanted a tempered glass cover etched with a Koa Tree, and a mahogany back cover with a gold Koa tree sticker. All bound in leather. 

Of course we said we could do that, because we have Mainfraim in our corner, and they can make anything. So the process of making The Koa Tree began.

Mahogany back cover with gold leaf Koa tree. Steve.

Glass cover. Stephen, Jeremy, Jenny, Carmen.

More beautiful illustrations by Renee Noelle Jacobs

Then we got a surprise, but there's always a surprise right in the middle of a project. Our printer, Edwards Brothers Malloy was going out of business immediately after being in business since the 1800's due to the cost of paper. So, we had to scramble to find another American printer to get the job done within 10 days. 

We did.

Jeremy, Carmen, and Jenny started assembling the book

Jenny's got the glue holding it all together

The paperback copies of the book arrived last week, and the glass cover versions were done right on time. There was only one thing left to do...

Take them to Rockford City Market and watch kids play hopscotch and create mini masterpieces in sidewalk chalk, because that's how we roll at Zombie Logic Press. 

I was overwhelmed by how splendidly everyone's efforts turned out. 

And now it's my turn. 

You can buy the paperback version of The Koa Tree for $15.00 here 

Or, if you're a true bibliophile, you can buy one of the two glass cover versions I have for sale on Ebay  If you're in Rockford, you can see the book on display at Luna Datura's Curious Gifts at 117 S 3rd Street. 

The Koa Tree by Stephen Schreiner Et al.

Thank you so much for letting me brag up my team a little bit. 

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