Friday, July 27, 2018

Just Be By Eve Harker

Eve Harker is a remarkably talented healer/creator who, with her husband Brian, also a remarkable artist, own and operate Luna Datura's Curious Gifts downstairs from Zombie Logic Press. Here she writes about battling the beast, depression. Today is the one year anniversary of Luna Datura's Curious Gifts.


It falls upon you like a soft down comforter.
It hides behind the illusion of safety and security.
It descends gradually like a light snowfall.
Gentle flakes drifting down and in their wake leaving a cold sensation.
All at once, where no sleep was to be had – too much sleep seems to be the standard.
It is never enough –
The sadness wells in your heart until it overflows and spills over
A dulling of the senses
A desire to slumber countless hours
The mind in it’s infinite wisdom – will not shut off
Racing – interwoven with thoughts of
No sensation
A withering of the heart
Trying so desperately to protect its self
Wanting to shut down completely
Inability to function – or better yet – not wanting to function
A gray light falls over everything.
Where once was vivid and bright and full of life
Dark wings flutter around your peripheral vision
A sign that all is not well
The constant headache
The body aches
The consistent lethargy
All indicative of a soul crying out to be healed
A necessary part of healing though
Without grieving – one cannot heal
Many steps
Many roads
Many emotions
All required to be able to let go
Not allowing others to deter you from your path
But allowing them in – to aid and help
So hard
So extremely hard
The trying to not go it alone
But so hard to reach out and say
Hey – I am feeling really sad and down
That you don’t always have to be up
It’s ok
It really is
Be sad
Cleanse your heart with the tears of an end to something
One cannot experience the next without releasing the last
Take your time
No time limits
No restrictions
No expectations
Just be
It’s really ok
Nurture and love yourself through this
Never deny yourself that
You cannot move on until you do
It IS ok
It’s a part of life
It’s a part of death
The death of something that you knew for so long
Why not mourn it?
Why not cry for it?
It’s ok
It will always be ok
Never doubt that for one minute
There is hope
There is light
There is laughter
There is love
There is peace
There is a beginning
All in good time
Just never doubt what it is or kid yourself about it
It is an end to something
Everything has a start and a finish
And you must experience all of the emotions
Not just the ones that are convenient or “nice”
But all of them
The good
The bad
Depression IS healing
Is necessary
And it will pass
Just be…..

September 29, 2008
Luna Datura's Curious Gifts Rockford, Illinois

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