Thursday, May 24, 2018

Trashy Art Show To Not Be Prevented By the Police In Rockford

Sometimes it's just fun to do some old-fashioned pop art. After a super serious museum show last summer, and about half a dozen shows since then, a lot of us in Rockford just wanted to organize a show that is just for kicks. And someone came up with the idea of doing a show at one of the local motels, have the artists display in various rooms, and have each room represent some activity someone inhabiting that room might be engaged in. Use your imagination. From what I've seen so far the artists have gone in many different directions, all just entertaining as all get out. Because she is my partner I have been authorized by Kooky Houston to post these teasers from the room she is sharing with me, FoodStamp Davis, and Josh Benkert, who will be doing tintypes and Polaroid photos with whatever prop and person you choose to be photographed with. It's trashy, but harmless fun, and all of us who have been working so hard need it. I hope it's sweltering hot like a movie noir and everyone wears tank tops and cheap sunglasses and leisure suits. Rockford's hottest new band, Glitter, will be playing. Prarie Street Brewhouse will be bringing their magnificent beers. I'm not just hyping this up by saying I think it's worth a drive from out of town, and certainly if you're in Rockford nothing will be cooler this summer. 

Paintings from the upcoming Come and Go Motel Show by Kooky Houston

For my money my partner Kooky Houston is the best artist in the Midwest

Kooky Houston

My ugly mug will be there, also, finally showing in public for the first time my Poopsicle series of paintings, all including titles I can't post here in polite company. Ok, I'll do one, because you have been sufficiently warned this is a lowbrau art show.

The Turd That Killed Elvis by Zombie Logic

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