Friday, January 26, 2018

Robert Allen Beckvall May Be On An Island With Two Chinese Girls

bio:  born burbank, raised hell phoenix, on island with two Chinese girls

Daughter of the Chinese Revolution vs. A Bad American (by way of not devouring the BS)

I tell the people, “I love you, fuck off”  and I do love them, if I am on a lake in Prescott, AZ rowing a boat by myself looking at the fish, birds, and ducks coming up to get the bread I am tossing

I love them when I am cruising the island while they head off to work like rats in a maze in the opposite direction

I love them if I am not in the damned Dante’s inferno of the mall with millions writhing in fiery levels of hell by way of molten lead escalators, buying this stupid shit instead of doing something worthwhile with your dinero

This beautiful Chinese lady tells me you have to get this job or that so that we have medical insurance, since she is self employed

No I say, as I eat a daily piece of garlic, exercise, take lime or lemon juice in every glass of water, and eat mostly vegetables and stuff not of bird asses or cow tits, or cut from the muscles of animals (have you seen the strength of the gorilla or orangutan?-they eat jungle salad), and breathing to mental health

Do not believe that rolex watches, Iphones, and working for “the man” will get us any faster to heaven or hell

It will just make the trip miserable, now pass me that AARP magazine and I will see what Morgan Freeman and Goldie Hawn are up to

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