Saturday, November 4, 2017

Unique Christmas Gift For Poetry and Bird Lovers

First time author Stephen Schreiner is a retired welder from Northern Illinois. When he approached Zombie Logic Press book designer Jenny Mathews the idea for his first book was quite a bit different than what we're used to hearing, in every way. First of all, the subject matter of lonely bird: a whimsical flock of birds encountering misfortune after misfortune on their way to a secret destination was funny and unique. But the construction of the book was to also give us a challenge. He wanted a wooden front and back cover. Here at Zombie Logic Press we're always up for a challenge, and new and unique ideas, and we have tons of talented friends working in all kinds of mediums, so we said challenge accepted and began the process of making Lonely Birds.

Lonely Bird By Stephen Schreiner

Here in Rockford a good general rule is: when in doubt, call in Jeremy Klonicki from Mainfraim studio. Which Jenny did. Normally if you tell someone you'd like to make something that sounds impossible they either shrug and say it can't be done, or laugh in your face. When you say such a thing to Jeremy Klonicki he just goes to work. 

Another thing that happens when you work with the Mainfraim crew is that at some point you'll end up in the shop working yourself. It's so motivational and inspiring to be surrounded by other talented crafters that I decided to help stain the cover of these books (not pictured, Jenny Mathews applying the stain and handing them to me to be smoothed with a towel). 

The printing was also done locally in Rockord, and the most intricate part of the process, the gluing and binding with leather, was done by the fabulous staff at Mainfraim. 

And we had a book! Completely designed and assembled here in Rockford.

The pages in the book are hand-lettered, because of course they are, and all the illustrations are original. 

Illustration from Lonely Bird by Stephen Schreiner

All that was left to do was to celebrate the realization of a wonderful collaboration with so many good artists, and the only place to do that was Luna Datura's Curious Gifts

Stephen Schreiner and Thomas L. Vaultonburg at the LOnely Bird book release party hosted at Luna Datura's Curious Gifts

It was shortly before this picture was taken that I discovered Stephen already has completed his next book, and wants the cover to be... wait for it... plexiglass. I think we'll be giving Jeremy another call sometime soon. That is after Jenny Mathews finds a way to design another amazing and unique book, all of which are available at Luna Datura's Curious Gifts in Rockford, Illinois.

But if you're not lucky enough to be in Rockford, Illinois anytime soon, you can buy Lonely Bird here


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