Thursday, August 24, 2017

Two Poems By Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is an author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He identifies as Queer. He has had poetry published hundreds of times internationally in several languages. He enjoys long walks through the inner­ insanity of his psyche. He is an anti-imperialist peacenik with a love for books. He believes that you should turn your societal education into a living transgressive art piece, and parade it around for all to witness. When not tripping on his own musings, he enjoys reading fiction.

He has been published in venues such as Burningword Literary Journal, Harbinger Asylum, The Stray Branch, Poetry Pacific, and Yellow Chair Review.

Adam can be contacted via his website at
where he offers free poetry resources and his books for sale.

I know You

Kayaking off an inlet
channel of the Pacific

Yields many answers
and even more questions

Like, why do Elephant seals
gallop into each other's Peanut

The Flamingo orb scatters over
the landscape as Pepsi Cola waves settle
at my sand dune feet

A Half-eaten, Sun-splintered
Sand dollar pilfers its way
into my Salt-crusted eyes

I take the ocean currency
and place it neatly into the cusp
of my torn wet-suit

The journey back is a
tarantula's crawl on
naked hands

On the green infested
west bank stands a lone
4-point Buck

He whispered,
"Come to me..
but not too fast..."

The water was moving
as slow as Coffee in
the morning

I inched my nose
as close as I could
to this divine mystery

I looked directly into
his eyes from 36 inches
away and said

"I know you"

The chestnut
bowl of iced cherries
on a 90 degree day winked
at me with his spiral of wizened
candy coated cornea

Turned around, and quietly
moved into the dense thickets
of emerald brilliance 

Sonata strike

Music flutters
in my song lyric brain

The strain of hearing
runs through the treble
and gets caught on a G-clef

Bass hooves clanking
in the sun-shot wind
rumble in waves of acesso

staccato break!

The crescendo halts
to a whisper and
the crowd
is left dangling on
a sweeping coda

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  1. I’ve honestly never heard of this man before, but this is indeed a beautiful poem. I’ll try to get my hand on more of his work.