Thursday, November 3, 2016

November Poetry By Michael Marrotti

Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh, using words instead of violence to mitigate the suffering of life in a callous world of redundancy. His primary goal is to help other people. He considers poetry to be a form of philanthropy. When he's not writing, he's volunteering at the Light Of Life homeless shelter on a weekly basis. If you appreciate the man's work, please check out his book, F.D.A. Approved Poetry, available at Amazon.

'Pittsburgh State Of Mind'

The parents in 
must've bypassed
the lesson

Where they sit down
with their children 
and teach them 
to mind 
their own business

Now I'm fueled
by contempt
the clenching
of fists

Jew lawyers 
and bail bonds 
will be the result
of this momentary
lapse of better

I'm not asking
for much 
besides a mutual

We all do 
our own thing
who am I 
to voice out 
against it 
I keep to myself

I envy the New York 
state of mind
in this busybody town 
people are carrying on 
like they haven't been
brutally attacked
or introduced to scorn

One beating away 
from enlightenment
revolution through
the power of pain

Poet Michael Marrotti

'Pleading Guilty'

I've chosen to be 
brutally honest
in the digital realm
of mediocrity

I haven't bitten
my tongue once 
I've never tasted
my own blood

All the punches
I've thrown
were never pulled
always hitting
their mark with 
force and precision

A few publications
ending in WordPress
ran by the same 
editor who claims
to be prolific
has forbidden me
from submitting
over a petty
little argument
standing my ground
like a statue
I'd be offended
if I admired his 


I may not be 
the most amiable
writer available
but I've never 
pretended to be 
something I am not
if candor is a crime
I'm pleading guilty
to the charge

'Second Hand Society'

The insults continue
to arrive in the mail
telling me who much
I've used this month
when my supply
is dwindling

I'm conclusive
sustain my 
mental health or 
posses the ability
to flush the toilet

When there's no 
for inflation
I may have to take 
the next narcotic shit
out in the woods

This is me 
being responsible
ripping ticks off 
my asshole
aggravated assaults 
and time wasted in 
Allegheny county jail
become a reality
once the bottle
is barren

It's a second hand society
when our basic necessities
are on the incline 
everything keeps going up 
my high remains stagnant

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