Saturday, October 1, 2016

October Poetry By Michael Marrotti

Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh, using words instead of violence to mitigate the suffering of life in a callous world of redundancy. His primary goal is to help other people. He considers poetry to be a form of philanthropy. When he's not writing, he's volunteering at the Light Of Life homeless shelter on a weekly basis. If you appreciate the man's work, please check out his book, F.D.A. Approved Poetry, available on Amazon.

F.D.A Approved Poetry by Michael Marrotti available at Amazon

'Baptist Church'

Oppressive traditions 
are meant to be broken 
like the beaks 
of nosey conservatives 
taking in all the air 
around them 
sticking their noses
where they don't belong

Always the first 
to prohibit the path 
judged by appearance
unorthodox attire 
only those 
who are worthy 
may enter 
this sanctuary 
of stubborn personality

The path 
of the righteous man
is sexist and biased
the only option left 
is to walk away 
or face the charge 
of trespass

Here I thought 
we're all equal 
in the name of the Lord 
a feeling takes over me
I'm not the one 
in need of repentance
I know when I'm not wanted


These people
this place 
my appearance
is the cause
of their actions

Jesus doesn't work
they pick an choose
what's best for them
going through life
in a righteous state
of contempt

God forbid
they turn the other cheek
when other people's
so-called shortcomings
help them forget
about their own

of being grateful
for the daily bread
they focus
on how others 
consume it

by no affiliation
my heart 
it beats like yours
no vacancy 
for Jesus
doesn't mean
I'm not 
for the cause
I have 
my own reasons

Blood will flow 
like wine
from the mouth
of those 
who contradict
the doctrine

Keep those eyes
on the pages
let Jesus
do all the thinking
only open
that big mouth
for the daily bread
Jesus saves
and this could save
us a headache

'Light Of Life Rescue Mission'

I was 
each week 
even though 
I'm spiritually 

It was a 
living out 
my ideology
we're all here 
to help other 

Then one day 
I stopped
there was a glitch
I began to question
this benevolent

Was it making
a difference
does any of it 
even matter

is all it takes 
to ruin the philosophy
some contradictions 
are easier to forgive
than others

A month later
I came to the 
that doing nothing 
will only prolong
the suffering
and apathy

I didn't wanna be 
another callous
human being 
so I returned to
walk through
those doors

Actions speak 
louder than word's
empathy is 
I'm back to 
where I started
doing my best 
to make a difference


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