Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Short Poetry About Stars By Thomas L. Vaultonburg

So, these star poems I have been working on are inspired by my heart surgery. I envision the series, when completed, as an extended metaphor between my heart and several different types of stars. I haven't finished the series, but I finished these couple and couldn't resist posting them as I haven't completed much work these past few years. 

Brown Dwarf

They raged briefly against 
The dying of the light
Bargained with their cut rate gods,
Turned off their televisons
And said goodnight forever.

This is how I originally approached the brown dwarf star comparison, and this was before I knew I had any heart issues, so the metaphor isn't there. It's simply the personification of how a star might feel about never having become powerful enough to have a galaxy of its own.

Jenny did this drawing for the poem, and it was probably the first and only time I felt we had a disconnect between what I envisioned and what she drew. I think that's because I had an entirely different image in mind for what this poem was and what it should mean. Recently I rewrote it.

X Ray Binary

Let me just rest
Here in your light
For a while
Before falling into
Your arms
For one last dance

And this is the poem I wrote for a star that has gone supernova...


I am not 
Taking back my love
Only my light

I have notes for a few others, and have jotted down a line or two, but it's a very personal and hard to explain project. Very similar I suppose in theme to that Dylan Thomas poem where he says "Rage against the dying of the light." We all eventually lose that battle. But that first real challenge to our mortality can be very sobering. It has been for me. I'll post more when I finish it. 

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