Saturday, August 27, 2016

Poetry By Christina Fulton

Christina Fulton graduated from Florida Atlantic University with her MFA in fiction. She is currently teaching at Miami Dade College North. Her book Dead Ends is available on Amazon. Her short story “Key Weird” was in a recent issue of Toad Suck and her piece “River Monsters” was in The Chaffin Journal. Two of her poems were in the fall 2015 edition of Open Minds Quarterly. Her creative nonfiction pieces “Spiderman and The Old Man,” “Manahawkin Vice,” and “Do You Remember?” have been in The Scarlet Leaf Review, The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and The Route Seven Review.    

Diluted Ruminations of  
Summers at the Jersey Shore

Quaalude dream catchers
loose visions 
of mini golf 
and famous
fudge freckled evenings

on the midway.

My clown 
is an octopus 
that can’t juggle 
child hood ornaments
and Miss Trustful 
under the boardwalk. 

Cotton Candy 
on a stick
will sear your DNA
to the pink and blue PDA
of fatherly affections
mental inflictions. 

One more


The tea cups
know my name 
and my spiraling 
future self 
one prize

of regret 
and rainbow coin toss rage. 

Poet Christina Fulton

The Conceptualistic Guilt of the
In/Out Patient Scenario Involving 
The Man in the Red Suit

Major Depression 
leading to hotline injuries
and gross findings

does not include
four deep incisions
with electric behavioral problems.

They risked injury to the Ducts
of Coronary Hesitation.
The plumbing has achieved…

maximum benefits.

Wrist fixtures
need left artery heat
when imminent danger
visits Saint Barnabas.  

Patient Signature:  

To Mister Wright

“I can’t find being born 
in the diagnostic manual” 


My father sipped

after the flowers 
pedaled him 
to the safety circle.

Personality detox does not exist.

It is—
what it is.

A reason to paint checks 
with Zoloft flavored sky. 

And now…

All of my glass 
microbial joy

is stitched
into his reflection.  

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