Monday, June 6, 2016

Six New Poems By Angelica Fuse

Angelica Fuse is a repeat contributor to Outsider Poetry. 

Drawing a Bead

a light
blinking trace
they try
to draw a bead
on me
but I am moving
to quickly
to be captured
by light.

Today's Log

it is
a rain-soaked
but I am hopeful
to make contact

I want to talk
to the small
inner me

who set all
this in motion
and ask,
what the hell
were you thinking.


and endorphin
can only do
so much

let's get away
to a place
where we can
stand at the 
of creation

yawn stretch
sleep beneath
an onlooking
multitude of stars.

About Tragedy

you never
believe or understand
what you have heard

until you have lived
walked in those shoes
been given that report

you never 
know until
you chug through it.

Not So Mellow

I have really
mellowed out

he bellowed

swinger of fists
swinger of fits
backseat kicker
harness chewer

there is nothing
so mellow
as he would like
to imagine.

Ash Mount

I have found
the mount
of ashes
where a civilization
used to be 
where a person
used to be

diligent fingers
will unearth small

evidence of what
used to be humanity
buried here.

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  1. I really like this collection of poems. I love poetry that is simple and short yet still expresses feelings. All these poems were very touching.