Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Poems By Sudeep Adhikari

Sudeep Adhikari, from Kathmandu Nepal, is professionally a PhD in Structural-Engineering. He lives in Kathmandu with his wife and family and works as an Engineering-Consultant. His poetry has found place in many online literary journals/magazines, the recent being Kyoto (Japan), Zombie Logic Review (USA), Scarlet Leaf Review (Canada) and Red Fez (USA).

Zen and the Art of Karma-Cycle Maintenance

I started reading Zen, when I was 19
and Dr. Suzuki was my favorite author.  
I was done with it when I was 25, and started
reading Wittgenstein, Jung and Aurobindo.
Now I am 35, and all I want to read
 is Blue Cliff Record, Dōgen's Poetry
or the stories of mad Zen Masters who did
everything they were told not to.

The mountains are again mountains. I am
again a 19 years old punk.    

I keep losing my gazes to Nothing.  As if I
have come a full circle, to become
the geometry of Zero, similar to the one they
 have on the cover of Mummomkan.

It is about time for my lunch
I am going to have a cup of Yogurt, with
the bread my mother baked this morning.
and when I eat, I love to do some  bird-watching
and call my wife at work.  

Buddhahood can wait, or it
can fuck off for good.
Dubstep: The Art of Going Batshit Wrong

There was a small club near my school
where they played indie-Electronica and Dubstep
dropping bass into our beer mugs, of the size
falling somewhere between the
ego of Kanye West and Ali's punch.  
Dubstep reminds me of life; both celebrate glitches,
drops, drones and drags.
Both taught me the art of going batshit wrong.

Goth, emo, punk; transvestite, gay, lesbians
straight, curved, wiggly; black, brown, white;
it was a little sub-cultural sort of joint
where everytime, I found nothing less than
the peace of mind. Once I met an undergrad student
there , and he said  he needed
to write  the differential  equations
to model the girls' mind. I said, "Yeah Right.
But first, let us find exactly when the bass will drop".

2: 22 P.M Buddha

Truth, I don't seek you.
I see multiple fields,
and well-rounded structures
happy faces, dejected spirits
and I am alive, breathing
existence and endless conjectures
going tangent on me, at 2: 22 P.M.
a fractal tree, stands on my drive-way
a monotonous caw
carries the sounds of the other-worlds,
spans some moment
nonetheless, an eternity in itself.


  1. This is by far one of the best places to hang with friends, have great drinks (amazing beer selection), eat some great food, including the great lunch I had there. Prices at venues in NYC are very reasonable and the pizza was awesome.