Monday, June 6, 2016

New Orleans Watercolors By Jenny Mathews

Outsider Poetry editor Thomas L. Vaultonburg recently went on vacation in New Orleans with artist Jenny Mathews. Naturally when an artist like Jenny Mathews goes to New Orleans, there will be painty. Day 2 I woke up to see her painting the courtyard of our hotel, The Olivier House on Toulouse Street. It would serve as our headquarters for the week.

Olivier House Courtyard in New Orleans by Jenny Mathews

Like most people. one of the first things we wanted to see was the St. Louis Cemetery. When we got there we learned it was only accessible if one hired a tour guide. Since we really wanted to see it we paid the twenty dollars, and stood in the blazing heat as our tour guide added little to nothing to our experience, but we did learn one thing...

Nicholas Cage is a douchebag! This tacky, out of place atrocity is the monument he purchased for himself. He also bought all the surrounding plots and has begun evicting families that have been buried there for many, many years.  The next day we were lucky enough to get on the trolley and head to a cemetery in the Garden District which was much more easy to access, and since it was raining that afternoon, far more comfortable.

 Lafayette Cemetery By Jenny Mathews of Rockford Illustrating

I had hoped New Orleans would have a similar inspirational effect on my creativity, which has flagged substantially since my heart surgery, but I wasn't feeling much, so we sought out a Hoodoo practitioner and put it to him to decide of all his potions which might restore some of my lost passion to create. He chose for me a small vial called Fiery Blast of Will. I am to put it at my pulse points in order to restore my personal vitality and passion. Meanwhile, Jenny never needs inspiration, just time to do her work.

St. Peter Street, New Orleans, by Jenny Mathews of 317 Gallery and Tiny Drawings


  1. Very nice. I love the Cemetery and The Oliver House. I am sure my computer screen does not do the colors justice.

  2. Well penned poems, it is good and words used are also very amazing. The sentence are in a long format, which does not make it a poetic form, it breaks the tempo. If this poem was in a rhyming form it would have attracted the reader.