Monday, June 6, 2016

Goat Rivers Paintings By Russell Streur

What a great idea, the Outside.  We are all more comfortable within the walls with the air conditioning set to a pleasant level and the television murmuring in the background as if we safe.  The danger is all Outside.  Here are four views of Goat Rivers for your consideration. -Russell Streur

Russell Streur is a born-again dissident residing in Johns Creek, Georgia.  His work has been published in Europe, certain islands and the United States.  He operates the world’s original on-line poetry bar, The Camel Saloon, catering to dromedaries, malcontents and jewels of the world at; and the curator of The Bactrian Room, a journal for bactrians, ghosts and travelers on the Long Silk Road with a story to tell at 

Goat Rivers 2 by Russell Streur

Goat Rivers 3 by Russell Streur

Goat Rivers 4 by Russell Streur

He cofounded Poets Democracy in 2010 with Christi Kochifos Caceres and is the author of The Muse of Many Names, The Petition to Free Zhu Yufu, and other works.


  1. Holy crap! Those are amazing! Jeez Russell, you're brilliant!

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