Thursday, May 5, 2016

Poetry By Donal Mahoney

Donal Mahoney is sometimes asked why he doesn’t write more about nature and nice things like that. It’s probably because he’s an urban product for whom nature exists in backyards where flowers grow and in alleys where rodents find something to eat. He has always been more impressed by the problems human beings face. But when he happens to notice a beautiful bird or posey he is indeed impressed. But then he sees some homeless guy trying to make a go of it in the richest country in the world and he’s distracted again. And now we face a presidential election unlike anything he has seen in all the elections that he has voted in. The first was when he voted for JFK in 1960. He’d rather go back and vote in that one again. 


I am sorry to hear the news. 
I lost it when I heard about hers
and now to hear about yours. 

I’m livid at times, peaceful rarely. 
If you prefer, I won't forward emails 
about her until you recover. 

I thought you should know 
how the doctors say she is doing.
Meanwhile I write about anything 

rather than yell about everything.
Some days I go to the basement
and yell when no one is home.

Donal Mahoney

All the Planets around Me

Tonight I can’t sleep
so I ponder the universe
and all the planets around me

swirling in syncopation
with me on one of them
unable to sleep

under the moon and the stars.
I do an address search for 
the First Church of the Big Bang.

I want to join that Church
but I can’t find its location
so I place an ad in the paper

asking its pastor to tell me
where the Church is.
What a sap I am.

Donal Mahoney

                         Jenny Mathews Illustration From 4-27-2010

Chicago at the Rush Hour

Only the blind man
with his leader dog
and tapping cane stops

when the homeless man
standing near the curb
asks commuters if 

they have spare change.
The blind man lives downtown.
He has time to check.

The rest of us catch trains
and they won’t wait. 
We march right by.

Donal Mahoney

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