Monday, May 9, 2016

Four Poems By Angelica Fuse

Four poems by Angelica Fuse.

Asylum of Faces

in the dark
I see their noses
pressing to the glass

observe me
watch me
record what you see

solve me
like the puzzle
I am.

Would Have Could Have

A nice house
fast car
latte lifestyle

I could have

A chubby white guy
power tie
"nice" job

I would have

But I chose to live as
an outsider
on the fringes.

If I Had One to Break

you would
have touched
a heart
if I had one to touch

you would
have broken
me if I wasn't

Just Got to Talking

hours we spent
learning about each
now lost to you
as we part
placing you in shallow
of the past.

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