Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bradley Lastname Mentally Abrades Burt Bacharach

A sonnet for Burt Bacharach by my Dada da da Bradley Lastname

Sonnet For Burt Bacharach

Burt Bacharach is the daddy mack,
and his golfing caddy is the mack daddy.

Burt Bacharach knows the way to San Jose,
and Dionne Warwick knows the way to San Jose Cuervo.

Dionne Warwick has a transplanted liver
that she received from an Indian giver
by swimming across a turbulent river
that was frigid enough to maker her shiver.

Burt Bacharach's dad was Curt Back O'rack.
He migrated here in a King Biscuit sack.

He told the registrar at Ellis Island:
"If I'm ever going back into a rack,
I'd prefer that it be the one belonging to Lolo Ferrari."

Take her to Burr, bah, catch a hurt crab cab, ha, Manhattan
-Bradley Lastname with a final line penned by Lothar Mauve Bugsnot by request

Anagrams of Bradley Lastname

Banally mastered
lamentably reads
maternally beds a 
adamantly rebels
earnestly mad lab
eternally ma bads
belatedly mars an
seamanly brad let
masterly and able
absently ream lad
ardently blames a
mentally abrades

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