Thursday, April 14, 2016

Outlaw Poetry Emanates From Yul Brynner's Crotch

I suppose I should write some nonsense here to explain myself. Look, a perfectly ridiculous poem in the outlaw poetry style by Thomas L. Vaultonburg

Pussy And Chicken Wings 

"The job pays 
In pussy and 
Chicken wings," 
He said, 
Motioning towards 
The dancers. 

"Just make sure 
The girls behind 
The bar keep moving 
And no one lays 
Hands on anything 
They haven't paid 

I don't think women 
Are worth a squirt 
Of piss anywhere 
Except the stock room 
But the customer 
Is always right." 

Then one night 
When I wasn't 
There a jealous 
Husband ball-
Batted him 
To a worthless 


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