Sunday, March 20, 2016

Poetry By Malgorzata Skalbania

housekeeper about poetry
she swept a book out from under the coffee table 
she should earlier precisely sweep 
more precisely beat carpets and punctually feed the a baby

sister wakes me energetically 
as a capo or a witch with absolute power 
i hear her voice today 
get up now is the end of theater you go cut out the uterus i do not have it 
krystyna (a second sister) does not have 
you must cut out too 
a dream 
the theater however 
i take to my job random book 
die betrogene the black swan of thomas mann

Malgorzata Skalbania

somehow we are able to accommodate 
she her basket i and a several other passengers 
every now and then we pass the church tower 
every now and then she is doing on breasts a sign of cross 
in the city she must do this without a break 
and get ready to leave

paragraph text requisite purchased many years ago 
it is still needed 
a props master shows a shiny revolver 
about his fate decide a director and a stage designer 
it happens 
that the actor

palazzo in fortezza 
lancut city a step forward 
an initiation passage in a boats of felt 
stopped a descending moisture 
a moat is dry and no one took the castle by force 
allowed us to enter 
listen the the four seasons concert chopin's mazurkas (ukrainian managed to play it) 
get close the table 
rope marked the appropriate distance 
dishes candlesticks chairs were on the other side where took place a huge banquet

the product placement 
topos of a stranger quasi american means 
an answer from a quiet courage 
hi malgorzata thanks so much 
for sharing these interesting anecdotes of history and experience with us 
we sincerely appreciate the chance to read them 
however the pieces are not for us best of luck 
placing the pieces 

Malgorzata Skalbania studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, graduated in prof. Jerzy Nowosielski, an internship at De Christelijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Kampen, the Netherlands. 


Laboratory upholstery in stolarsko- Theatre. J.Osterwy in Lublin.

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