Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Octopussy" Illustration

Just yesterday I saw in the news Rockford has now been named America's 2nd worst city for Black families. Just another sad and embarrassing reality of this place I live in. A lot of times people refer to the past as the glory days for this city, but doing some research it appears we've always been rather backwards here, save for a brief period when we had one of the few Socialist mayors and city councils, and a strong union base that resulted in a solid middle class. Recently the Chamber of Commerce has made a mockery out of Rockford and our penchant for making dubious Top 10 lists such as fattest, least educated, most violent, and miserable cities in America with what seemed like a bad joke of a tourism campaign "Misery Loves Company." None of that has much to do with today's artwork at Outsider Poetry. 

One thing that certainly didn't suck in Rockford's past was The Rockford Illustrating Company

"Octopus" by Jenny Mathews

The new Rockford Illustrating Company is making wondrous and beautiful illustrations, mostly free from misery here

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