Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tim Russert's Thrombosis

About six years ago my life became cripplingly boring, and I bought some canvases and acrylic paints and decided to create some painting. The only problem is I can't paint. Or draw. And I didn't have any ideas. Except one. I lived behind four restaurants, and I'd see busboys throwing garbage into a collective dumpster all night and think to myself, I wonder what the most disgusting Crayon color or Popsicle flavoe I can think of is, and if I could create a color for that? The first idea was the juice that would collect at the bottom of that dumpster, sort of like what they call a mat shot in the bar industry, where a bartender picks up the mat where they've been making drinks all night, pours it into a shot glass, and serves it to an obnoxious customer who has requested a knock out shot. 

I painted this Popsicle before I knew what the title was. I respect Tim Russert. His election coverage was funny, informative, and original. He died of a heart attack caused by coronary thrombosis in 2008. I was still in my 30's and decided to title this painting "Tim Russert's Thrombosis," and thought that was funny, until I had emergency heart surgery myself in 2013 to replace a portion of my ascending aorta and replace a faulty heart valve. I'm not retitling the painting because that's why I titled it and we live, we learn. I'm happy to have survived an aneurysm that probably would have been fatal within a few weeks. 

Tim Russert's Thrombosis
My artificial heart valve makes a ticking noise that you can hear from fifty yards away. I wrote a poem about that.

What Makes Me Tick

From conticinium
To Fourth Watch
My St. Jude 27 vavgj-515
Mechanical aortic valve
Thuds like a war bird's wings
In a hummingbird feeder.

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