Friday, July 10, 2015

Three New Poems By Dr. Millard Rausch Unearthed

Three new poems unearthed from the private letters of Dr. Millard Rausch.

Fashion Advice

“You’re perturbing the daisies,”
I say to her
As we walk along
The only river
In this poem.
Their agitation seems
To stem from the
Unrealistic depiction
Of daisies on her
Blue dress.
“I’m beginning to
Like April,” she says
As we near the
Hot dog vendor.


For 1,000 days
The bonfire I started
With the idiot’s maps
Who landed me here
Has burned on the hillside
To advertise my
Lonely planet.
Tuesday after the government
Broadcast of Gilligan’s Island
Your spaceship crash landed
In my spice garden,
And watching the
Hatch open I thought
“Fuck rescue,”
There are fruit
Trees here.

Medicine Cabinet

Behind the bicarbonate
Is a cure for what
Gives the morning fangs,
A sort of way to fade
Demurely into an afternoon
That had it out for you anyway,
Though you’ll probably
Pull down the shower
Curtain when you fall
And lose you security

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