Monday, July 27, 2015

Peter Carpenter Outsider Art

Peter Carpenter is almost like the male equivalent of Cassandra Peterson. He started as a male dancer in Las Vegas, then appeared in the Russ Meyer film Vixen as Mountie in 1968. He made only three other films, Love Me Like I Do and Blood Mania in 1970, and Point of Terror in 1971, which was released in 1973, two years after his death of what is believed to be a massive brain hemorrhage. Still others claim Carpenter did not die until the early 1980's during the early days of the AIDS epidemic. What I do know is he was a talented actor, writer, and singer, and Point of Terror and Blood Mania, both released by Crown International, are classics of that form of early 1970's exploitation/horror cinema. Here is a piece I did in honor of his movie Blood Mania.

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