Thursday, July 23, 2015

Four Examples of Outsider Pictorial Poetry

In 2005 I had just gobe through a decade long cycle in the service industry. I was burnt out, and I hadn't spent much time at all writing poetry for several years, so I bought a pack of yellow legal pads and decide to sit on a porch for thirty days and just write. Most of the poems I wrote formed the first half of my third book, Submerged Structure. I wrote loosely and with no expectation that anything I wrote would be published. This poem, Rockford CSI was written when I quite literally watched an ant crawl into an empty bottle of Grolsch and never find its way out.

I made a few of this in the past week I'll post here. This is the second one:
I wrote this Buck Owens poem while sitting on the banks of the Rock River at a location that had been both an ancient fishing village and an artist colony. It was a day off from work for me, and I was really trying to do anything but drawn back into the bar where I worked. This is a meditation about what happens when you try to hold on to time.

I was walking across the footbridge under Jefferson Street when I thought of this poem. At many points in my life, including now, it would have seemed too stupid to bother writing down, but I did anyway, rehearsing various versions of it in my head as I walked. I had really good luck in that spot one summer and wrote many poems there, although I have yet to catch a fish. 

Doogie Howser Outsider Poetry

I don't remember why I wrote this poem. It was just something that seemed funny to me after Neil Patrick Harris re-emerged upon the cultural scene. I'm not sure at all if my mental illness inspires some of my poetry, inhibits it, or prevents me from writing at times. It's just part of who I am. 

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